He’d leave and declare they’ll finish it in the tournament. In their second match, they were paired against non-other than the Elder (disguised as GaryЕ« X). During the fight, Elder would give both them advice on their fighting styles and how to defeat him, after a long fight, they crack his mask and he admits they passed and admits defeat. Once ShЕЌ was the only one left to defeat after Niijima forfeited the fight with ShЕЌ to keep the others safe, Kenichi would fight him and ask Miu to not interfere. In his battle with ShЕЌ, ShЕЌ said, „If you raise your 5 senses to the top, you can achieve the 6th sense“.

Option to share screenshots with the possibility to add notes. I’m sorry if this is the wrong place for this question, but I’ve searched where I could think of and didn’t find anything about this specific problem.. Soureceforge is now injecting adware into many downloads…

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Besides, the animation quality is really good and the seemingly never-ending variety of small monsters is a feat in itself. It’s proper heartwarming stuff, even though Rei continues to come up to the limits of his own emotional intelligence. As he grows, 3-gatsu no Lion does a great job of making you root for him, both as a person and a shogi player. If you’re at a point Animekisa in life when you don’t know where to go next, if you’re lonely and maybe a little disillusioned, 3-gatsu no Lion will be a bit of a gut punch, certainly at first.

So the first ep of this show just make me facepalm so hard since it defies logic how could u reject someone infront of a class and not get embarrassed. The funny thing is kuro still likes the dude i mean wth lmao. Now, lets go to the actual story that ive gathered from this show. Its a abt a boy name sueharu, a child actor that retired from acting due to personal reason, and follows him as he tries to pick which of his ‚childhood friend‘ to be his lover. There’s nothing to the story itself like im so confuse to the point i dont even care when im watching the episodes.

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There’s no linear story really, the biggest strength of the series is the premise as most episodes are standalones. However thanks to some fine execution this anime was definitely more hit than miss. Recommended to those looking for something a bit different. Speedify is a bonding VPN app that brings something unique to the table.

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